Day 167: Second Blood Test

Lack of updates since diet has been very much constant and Butter is doing well.

Her ear infection mentioned previously recovered after one week or so, after applying diluted apple cider vinegar very few hours to prevent pus build up and coconut oil to keep the skin hydrated. Her ears totally went back to perfect condition, and the area down her chin also healed and have its fur grown back now.

I was overseas for two weeks and during this period it seems like her ear infection slowly came back, but it's all minor. We visited the vet today to which they did a test on her ears, and she has infection on both of her ears, mild but her right ear is slightly more infected. There appears to be a lot of rods bacteria so we were given medication. I'm still contemplating on whether to apply the medication on her or use apple cider vinegar again...

Back on the blood test -- Butter did her second blood test today!

Previously in June 2017, she had the ALT count of >1000 and ALKP count o…

Day 87 - 105: Ear Infection

Butter's previous allergy or detoxification episode with red bumps all over her skin hasn't really gone away entirely.

It's still here and there but it's still manageable. We've had her on cone since then. Her itching has always been around her ears, tummy and paws. Just two days ago on the 18th, I realised her ear was bleeding on one side, red on both and had a foul smell. It worsened over time even though she was almost always on e-collar.

Today was the worse of all I've seen.
On one ear, it spread down to almost her chin level. It was most serious behind her ears and near the bottom of her ear where there's a tiny double flap. It was swollen, red, had tiny wounds and a lot of ear discharge. Rick suggested using apple cider vinegar to clean it everyday, and drip some garlic and mullein ear oil into it. I didn't get the garlic and mullein ear oil yet, so we're cleaning it with 50-50 diluted apple cider vinegar. We started tonight on the 20th. Her e…

Day 62 - 86: Allergy?

Just early last week, Butter got a really bad allergy reaction to pumpkin.
We're not even sure if it's allergy, but we brought her to the vet and the vet said there's no infection, so it's likely that it's allergy, even though it doesn't look like it externally from her experience.

She sent us home with an antibiotic shampoo, but we were too skeptical about it so we didn't use it at all. Before this, I emailed Rick and he was thinking Butter might have a Candida infection and gave us some directions on foods to feed for that. It was actually the same food to feed for fleas and tick prevention, so we started feeding her almost immediately. We continued even after the vet said it's not Candida infection because she didn't see any yeast on her skin.

Taking this chance to move her off Revolution, we're feeding the following:

🌿 1 clove of garlic (slowly move to 2 cloves)
🌿 blended ginger
💊 3 capsules of acidophilus
💊 3 capsules of bifidus
💊 1 ca…

Day 58 - Day 61: Supplements Reload 🔫

Just had to make another post before I forget the dates again.

We ordered a new batch of the supplements from New Earth and it came on the 5th so I started feeding Butter Spectrabiotics and Defend yesterday.

💊 1/2 spectrabiotic capsule a day
💊 1 defend capsule a day for one week, 1/2 capsule after

Meanwhile, I really need to upload more photos of Butter but I'm so lazy.

Day 51 - 57: Cheese Bar!

Butter scared the hell out of me after she swallowed like an one inch sized cheese bar without chewing.

The Himalayan cheese bar we bought for her was awesome because it's legit hard, she takes forever to chew it down. A Whimzee takes her less than an hour, but she would chew on the cheese bar and give up like two hours later, not even finishing one fifth of it 😂

Her urine pH value was 6.0 today 🎉 3 September 2017.

There isn't anything else to note. She has been pooping in massive sizes so I guess swallowing the cheese bar didn't do much harm. Her acne doesn't seem to be disappearing despite growing smaller in size, but her facial infection is totally healed. It seems like the dirt grows from within if we skip even one day of facial wipes, so we'll probably continue for another two weeks before stopping on the wipes.