Day 3: Soft Paws?

Butter visited the vet today to do the bile acid test.
We just wanted to see how well (or bad) her liver is functioning right now. The results will be out within 2 weeks!

She was so tired she fell asleep while on the way home 😴

☀️ 3.5 soup spoon kibbles
🌛 2.5 soup spoon kibbles + 5 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot)
🤤 1/3 small pear

• 7.6kg as weighed at the vet.
• 💩 still in bits, but generally looking healthy.
• Been barking at the door randomly these two days for no reason 🤔
• Butter always had dry paws but three of her paws felt very much different today. I'm not sure if it's the groomer or the vegetables but yay.