Day 5: Dribbling Pee ☹️

Butter dripping pee around the house seems concerning.
It's as though she's holding her pee back but failed in doing so. This happened once in a clinic too, where she leaked pee as she walked and ended up peeing everything out (which was a good thing since the vet needed Butter to empty her bladder so she can feel her stomach).

She'll be visiting the vet this coming Saturday for her UTI review.
She has been on antibiotics for the past three weeks. Let's hope her infection clears up!

☀️ 2 soup spoon kibbles + 8 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber)
🌛 2 soup spoon kibbles + 9 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber)

• Dribbling pee in the morning and evening, likely to be due to her UTI.
• Her paws are officially perfect đŸ˜˜đŸ‘Œ
• Healthy looking 💩, twice in the morning and twice in the evening, in tiny bits.