Day 7: UTI/BAT Results and Less Eye Discharge?

Butter visited the vet today for her UTI review, and her bile acid test results came back earlier than expected! We also updated the vet that Butter won't be getting surgery, letting them know of how we're going to move on from now.

Butter's urinalysis came back all normal except for her slightly high pH at 9.0.
The vet also did a test to see if there's any blood in her urine and nope, it's all good! However, the vet mentioned that she'll call back in 2 days to let us know if Butter is 100% cleared since the pH level is concerning. I'm not sure what test it is, but I'm thinking it's a microscopic test which couldn't be done today. For now, Butter is continuing her antibiotics for the next 2 days 🍃

Her bile acid test results were horrible though, which was expected.

TestReference RangeResult
Bile Acids0.0 - 6.9 umol/L171.7
Bile Acid Post Prandial0.0 - 14.9 umol/L478.5

The bile acid test gives us a rough idea of how bad Butter's liver is doing, but it doesn't specifically confirm the presence of any abnormalities except that Butter's liver health is compromised. We did ask the vet on how long Butter can hold on without surgery, and she said it's almost impossible to give an estimate, but with Butter looking healthy and active, and that she doesn't display any neurological symptoms that comes along with liver shunts, she thinks it's alright for us to continue what we're trying right now with her diet, but we definitely have to bring Butter in upon any new symptoms and also for regular blood tests to monitor progress.

The vet seems pretty skeptical of the natural treatment we're using right now, but she reviewed the supplements and food Butter is having and said it's all fine. She's cool with us choosing this path since she understands that surgery is difficult on us and Butter. Hopefully Butter's recovery will surprise her in the future 💪

Oh and we're changing Butter's evening meals to a meatless meal with only sweet potato and vegetables! The liver and kidneys do their work at night, so a simple and nourishing meal like this is used to reduce the burden on the liver or kidneys with any heavily cooked or commercially processed meals.

☀️ 3 tbsp kibbles + 1 tbsp chicken + 9 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber) + 1 tsp coconut oil
🌛 4 tbsp sweet potato + 8 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber + kale)

• Eats kale, coconut oil and sweet potato well, what's new? 😂
• Small and slightly hard 💩, twice in the morning, once in the evening.
• Paws feeling velvety 🤤
• Sudden realisation that Butter has been having less eye discharge compared to before. This leaves her folds cleaner, and she don't seem to scratch her face as often as before.