Day 17 - 36: Acne!!

I shall skip the details and go straight into observations.

We started feeding her steamed cod fish around the end of July since we don't want Butter to be on chicken only. She seem to itch more when eating fish, and her pee smells really bad. We stopped feeding her fish due to her itch. We've started feeding her steamed minced beef today.

Butter has also started eating celery, broccoli and cabbage since the 7th of August, we've also added turmeric powder to her meals. This weekend, we began feeding her fruit smoothies in the morning together with her other two meals.

On the 30th of July, we caught some acne growing on her chin and it has been getting bad. We were feeding her steamed cod fish before this (and stopped) and started on the Wild Body supplement so we thought it could be an allergy or reaction to the supplement. However, Rick mentioned that this is part of the cleansing process so it shouldn't be a worrying factor and will clear on its own. We're still waiting for it to clear up! The acne doesn't have pus, but becomes bloody sometimes probably due to Butter scratching and there are days where it's just dried too.

She has been experiencing some reverse sneezing when having her fruit smoothie (i.e. watermelon, banana, apple etc) in the morning. I'm thinking it's because she drinks it up too quickly and watermelon tend to have a sandy texture. Her eye discharge have gotten slightly better again, she's itching quite a bit, growing red spots on her forehead and face but overall still alright.

In conclusion, she's doing well except for her acne, still super active and pooping way too much...... 💩. Starting from 16th August, Butter's supplements dosage will be fixed as follows:

• 1/2 acidophilus per day
• 1/2 bifidus per day
• 2 1/2 wild body per day
• 1 enzymes per meal

I'll be adding on some new supplements when I buy a new batch too:

• 1/2 spectrabiotic per day
• 1 defend per day (after a week of 1/2 capsule a day)

Butter weighed 7.6kg on the 11th of August.