Day 51 - 57: Cheese Bar!

Butter scared the hell out of me after she swallowed like an one inch sized cheese bar without chewing.

The Himalayan cheese bar we bought for her was awesome because it's legit hard, she takes forever to chew it down. A Whimzee takes her less than an hour, but she would chew on the cheese bar and give up like two hours later, not even finishing one fifth of it 😂

Her urine pH value was 6.0 today 🎉 3 September 2017.

There isn't anything else to note. She has been pooping in massive sizes so I guess swallowing the cheese bar didn't do much harm. Her acne doesn't seem to be disappearing despite growing smaller in size, but her facial infection is totally healed. It seems like the dirt grows from within if we skip even one day of facial wipes, so we'll probably continue for another two weeks before stopping on the wipes.