Day 62 - 86: Allergy?

Just early last week, Butter got a really bad allergy reaction to pumpkin.
We're not even sure if it's allergy, but we brought her to the vet and the vet said there's no infection, so it's likely that it's allergy, even though it doesn't look like it externally from her experience.

She sent us home with an antibiotic shampoo, but we were too skeptical about it so we didn't use it at all. Before this, I emailed Rick and he was thinking Butter might have a Candida infection and gave us some directions on foods to feed for that. It was actually the same food to feed for fleas and tick prevention, so we started feeding her almost immediately. We continued even after the vet said it's not Candida infection because she didn't see any yeast on her skin.

Taking this chance to move her off Revolution, we're feeding the following:

🌿 1 clove of garlic (slowly move to 2 cloves)
🌿 blended ginger
💊 3 capsules of acidophilus
💊 3 capsules of bifidus
💊 1 capsule of spectrabiotic

I've started increasing the supplements since September 20, while the garlic and ginger were added on the 22nd. I've also increased garlic to 2 cloves on the 30th. I'll be feeding this for three weeks.

We didn't do anything to fix her allergy, but we kept her on e-collar almost 24/7.
It actually got better on its own after 1 day of e-collar, but it's not entirely gone. Now her body is filled with some scabs and dried skin, and there's still some red bumps left. Hopefully it'll go away soon!

Oh and I bought a paw soother for Butter since her paws are so dry she slips often. I've only applied three times and I can see some slight improvements 😊 Her paws are softer and smoother now, but her dried skin are not entirely gone yet.