Day 87 - 105: Ear Infection

Butter's previous allergy or detoxification episode with red bumps all over her skin hasn't really gone away entirely.

It's still here and there but it's still manageable. We've had her on cone since then. Her itching has always been around her ears, tummy and paws. Just two days ago on the 18th, I realised her ear was bleeding on one side, red on both and had a foul smell. It worsened over time even though she was almost always on e-collar.

Today was the worse of all I've seen.
On one ear, it spread down to almost her chin level. It was most serious behind her ears and near the bottom of her ear where there's a tiny double flap. It was swollen, red, had tiny wounds and a lot of ear discharge. Rick suggested using apple cider vinegar to clean it everyday, and drip some garlic and mullein ear oil into it. I didn't get the garlic and mullein ear oil yet, so we're cleaning it with 50-50 diluted apple cider vinegar. We started tonight on the 20th. Her ears seemed better with less moist, though after one hour it started accumulating brownish ear discharge again.

The spreading of her infection seem really quick, so I'm hoping apple cider vinegar will slow it down. I'll update again as her condition progresses!