Day 184: Second Blood Test

Lack of updates since diet has been very much constant and Butter is doing well.

Her ear infection mentioned previously recovered after one week or so, after applying diluted apple cider vinegar very few hours to prevent pus build up and coconut oil to keep the skin hydrated. Her ears totally went back to perfect condition, and the area down her chin also healed and have its fur grown back now.

I was overseas for two weeks and during this period it seems like her ear infection slowly came back, but it's all minor. We visited the vet today to which they did a test on her ears, and she has infection on both of her ears, mild but her right ear is slightly more infected. There appears to be a lot of rods bacteria so we were given medication. I'm still contemplating on whether to apply the medication on her or use apple cider vinegar again...

Back on the blood test -- Butter did her second blood test today!

Previously in June 2017, she had the ALT count of >1000 and ALKP count of 280. The norm is 10-125 and 23-212 respectively. Today, her ALT count was 41 while her ALKP count was 231. It's a great improvement! The vet was surprised and visibly happy for Butter too. With this, we'll continue the diet and supplements and check on her progress again after a few months. Once her ALKP has settled down, we'll do the bile acid test to confirm her liver functionality.

On a side note, Butter is moving to raw meat!
We have always been feeding her cooked chicken or beef since I'm not entirely comfortable with feeding her raw meat from the supermarket in Singapore. Fortunately, a pug owner I met on Facebook, who believes in holistic pet care, introduced me to Fidelis Meats, a butchery that provides raw meat for pets. Since 2 December 2017, we have started transiting Butter's meal from cooked meat to raw meat and is still in progress. She seem to like it fine too. I have ordered from Fidelis Meats twice and they're super accommodating to any requests and provides advices for any help you need.

Right now, Butter is eating 75g of meat (i.e. chicken, beef, lamb or duck) a day. It may seem little, but I guess the low protein diet has definitely been helping!