Day 354: Dermacton Cream

It has been almost a year since Butter started her raw diet.
We have yet to bring her for further blood or bile acid tests but she definitely seems to be doing well internally. Her right ear which was prone to infection is still itchy from time to time but it's manageable. Butter seem to be having atopic dermatitis, causing dry and itchy skin around her chin and ears. Thankfully, her paws and tail are almost fully recovered even though her fur is not growing back well, but at least it's not red or wounded so I'm hoping as time goes by, her chin and ear will get better too.

Butter is still on cone 24/7 because she tend to kick her ears or chin till it bleeds (even with the cone on). So I decided to try this cream with amazing reviews and see how it works out for Butter. Rick recommended it since it's all natural, and we're at wit's end so why not 😅

It has been the third day since we applied it on her chin. Butter kicked her chin yesterday so it's not better just yet, but I'll keep updating, hopefully with some images.