This is a tiny daily journal created for Butter the pug as she goes through her road to health πŸ’ž

Butter is diagnosed with a possible liver shunt after taking an ultrasound and blood test. CT scan and surgery is recommended for her as treatment but due to insufficient immediate funds and the risks involved, we've decided to nurse Butter back to health through the help of Rick and Cindy. This would involve the change of diet and addition of supplements.

This journal will record Butter's daily diet as well as special notes or random activity of the day.

Butter is a female fawn pug born on 19 August 2016.
15 June 2017 - Blood Test Results πŸ’‰
ALT >1000 U/L
ALKP 280 U/L

11 July 2017 - Bile Acid Test Results πŸ’‰
Bile Acids 171.7
Bile Acid Post Prandial 478.5

8 January 2018 - Blood Test Results πŸ’‰
ALT 41 U/L
ALKP 231 U/L 
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